Seaways’ Ships in Scale Ceases Publication

Sad news for ship modelers everywhere. Seaways’ Ships in Scale has apparently ceased publication. This, according to the Nautical Research Guild, whose own Journal will be working to pick up some of the void left behind by the long time periodical. The last issue sent out was the Spring issue, 2018, which is still listed on their website, and no official announcement has been posted or been mailed out to subscribers.

If you recall, it was exactly a year ago that the publication went from bi-monthly to quarterly. To my knowledge, the issue was primarily one of time involvement of the publisher, and as recently as a month ago, they were still accepting advertising.

Speaking strictly for myself, this is sad news in that the magazine was a great way for me to get written material out to a wide audience. I’ve personally had five articles published in Ships in Scale over the years, but no more.

Still, this is an opportunity for the Nautical Research Guild to expand the Nautical Research Journal and to hopefully pick up some of those Ships in Scale subscribers to reach a larger audience.

2 thoughts on “Seaways’ Ships in Scale Ceases Publication

  1. Larry Bishop

    Clare, this is sad news. I have been a subscriber for maybe 30+ years. I also subscribed to Model Shipbuilder before they folded and combined with Ships in Scale. A few years ago, the British publication, Model Shipwright, ceased publication when John Bowen retired. So now, the Nautical Research Journal seems to be the only ship modeling publication left. However, this may be a blessing — if the NRG fills the void with a few more “journeyman level” articles. (The major complaint I have heard from many of my fellow ship modelers is that the NRJ is “too advanced” for the average ship modeler.) Since the NRG became an affiliate chapter of the IPMS, plus their acquisition of the Model Shipworld website, it looks like they are moving in this direction. The NRG is continually trying to build membership, so this sad event may actually help to encourage more people to join the NRG.

    1. catopower Post author

      Hi Larry, thanks sharing your thoughts on this. I agree that this will be an opportunity for the NRG to make some changes, add more appeal to beginning and intermediate ship modelers, and possibly end up expanding membership.


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