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Building a Gozabune (Kobaya) from Paris Plans – Part 5

Somehow, I’ve seem to become a Japanese boat models addict. Here’s the latest on the small row galley that appears in Admiral Paris’s Le Souvenirs de Marine, what is generally referred to in Japanese as a Kobaya.

Wasen Mokei 和船模型

The Rudder

One of the sub-assemblies that can easily be worked on at any time is the large rudder. The detail in the drawings is very simple, but I felt that it should be very similar to other large rudders used on larger vessels. With the

I made mine from three planks glued edge to edge and cut to the shape of the plans. I then attached a rudder post that I cut round and then tapered toward the bottom. To hold the planks of the rudder together, I took example from the Woody Joe Higaki Kaisen kit I built a few years ago, and added three cross-pieces as shown in the following photo.

I don’t know what amount of detail to add yet, so I just left the rudder assembly as is.

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