Building the Urayasu Bekabune Model – Final

Here’s the last entry of my Japanese seaweed harvesting boat, the Urayasu Bekabune. This 1/10-scale model is based on the work of boatbuilder Douglas Brooks in his second apprenticeship.

It was the first scratch built Japanese boat I started, but is the third one completed. The others being the Hozugawa Ayubune fishing boat and the Gifu Tabune rice field boat.

Wasen Mokei 和船模型

At the bow was the first challenge of cutting a small square hole for the small beam at the bow. I made sure my chisel was good and sharp and lightly cut the shape, little by little. Too much pressure can chip or split the wood, particularly on the back side of the cut, so this took a lot of care.

With the first hole cut to size, the alignment of the opposite hole was aided by running the beam into place to see where it lined up. It was then cut in the same manner.

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