Ages of Sail is having a Black Friday Sale!

This is something new, Ages of Sail is having a Black Friday sale. Check out the savings.

Essentially, you can get any Amati, Billing Boats or Occre kit for 10%. Plus, when you buy one of these kits, you can get free domestic shipping for your entire order.

Because of the way the Ages of Sail online shop software works, it wasn’t possible to make this offer for online orders, so this sale applies only to phone orders or walk-ins.

Meanwhile, Billing Boats USA, which is part of Ages of Sail, is also having a big 10% off sale on all kits. But, in this case, the discounts are shown on their website at For some reason, at least at the moment, there’s actually nothing on the site that tells you why the kits are marked down. But, I know it’s for the Black Friday sale, which will only run 24 hours, ending midnight Friday.

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