Lunch and Models at the St. Francis Yacht Club

Here’s another club’s event that I was happy to take part in this past weekend. Nothing like a free meal in a yacht club with lots of yacht models and camaraderie. I feel bad for people who had something “better to do” than attend our monthly meeting. But, sometimes it can’t be helped. And, I know there was also at least one medical emergency and we hope our fellow member is going to be okay.

Hyde Street Pier Model Shipwrights

This year, the Hyde Street Pier Model Shipwrights club didn’t have the usual annual BBQ due to schedule conflict among members. We put it off a couple times, and next thing you know, the weather isn’t good for it. So, instead, we decided to have a club sponsored lunch. There were a couple possibilities, but since Paul Reck is an associate member of the St. Francis Yacht Club, we decided it would be a nice location for our club lunch, and so we scheduled the lunch to follow our November meeting.

It was still pretty short notice for people, and many already had other plans rather than attend the November meeting anyway, so we had a small turnout, but a really great lunch and great time. The place was very busy, but the food was great and the view right next to Crissy Field was hard to beat. The faire that we…

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