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Woody Joe’s Old Sengokubune and Kitamaebune Kits Now Collectors’ Items

When the kits you want to build become “collectibles”… Such is now the case with these two kits from Japan’s wooden model kit manufacturer Woody Joe.

Wasen Mokei 和船模型

Before the advent of laser cutting, Woody Joe made two bezaisen kits, the Sengokubune and the Kitamaebune. Both were described as 1/30 scale models, but were in actuality about 1/60 scale. These kits were supplied with milled wood parts, wooden sheets, strips and dowels. Construction was more what one would expect from a wooden model kit.

Woody Joe’s old Kitamaebune kit.

Woody Joe’s new 1/72-scale laser-cut Kitamaebune kit.

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