NRG Conference this Week in St. Petersburg, Florida

For those who weren’t aware, if you happen to be in the area of St. Petersburg, Florida this week, you should consider checking out the NRG Conference, which is being held at the Hilton St. Petersburg Bayfront hotel.

The annual conference is an international gathering of ship modelers that will take place from Thursday, October 26th through Saturday, October 28th. Local tours of interest take place on Thursday, while Technical sessions and symposiums, plus the annual membership meeting and banquet, take place on Saturday.

Traditionally, there are many members’ ship models on display and several vendors selling books, tools, kits, etc., so there’s a lot of interesting stuff to keep you busy between technical sessions.

I do recommend going to the conference for anyone who has never been, though I myself will not be attending this year. In fact, nobody from the Bay Area ship model clubs that I am associated with will be going this year, which is pretty unusual, and I’m not quite sure why that is.

Hopefully, the turnout will be okay. But, the NRG leadership doesn’t seem to be too concerned with promoting the event, and again I’m not quite sure why. There is almost no promotion of the conference on the online ship model forum Model Ship World, which the NRG leadership decided to buy a couple years ago in order to expand the reach of the Guild. So, I would have thought there would have been some regular posts encouraging attendance, but there’s been almost nothing

Even the NRG’s home page (, only has a fairly small portion dedicated to the conference. And, strangely enough, the paragraph about the conference is clearly half finished. I don’t know what’s going on with the NRG’s organization, but someone is clearly not doing a very good job maintaining the group’s web communications.

But, this won’t affect the quality of the conference. The symposiums, technical session and round tables always prove to be very interesting. What’s more, Greg Herbert and David Antscherl of Admiralty Models will be holding a two-day workshop on scratch building headworks immediately after the conference at the same hotel. You’ll find more info on this here:

So, go to the conference, if you can, and if there’s room left in the Admiralty Models workshop, you should definitely look into attending. Ω


2 thoughts on “NRG Conference this Week in St. Petersburg, Florida

  1. Larry Bishop

    Clare, I attended the recent NRG Conference in St. Petersburg, FL. Attendance was down a bit this year, but there were about 69 registered attendees, plus 27 spouses. Seven were attending their first NRG conference, and four new members were there. I enjoyed the meeting and, as usual, learned a few new things. Gus Agustin had 41 of his terrific miniature models on display in the model showroom! (I counted them.) There were probably another 40 or so models that other attendees brought. We had less vendors this year, but there was still a good showing from BlueJacket Shipcrafters, Train Troll, Byrnes Model Machines, and several others. Attendance at these meetings is dependent on a number of factors, but location is probably greatest one. Another factor is the travel and lodging expenses needed to attend such a meeting. So, for these reasons, it was decided that the 2018 meeting will be held in Las Vegas. (Definitely not the cradle of maritime history!) Meeting announcements for the St. Petersburg meeting were handled as meetings have been in the past — primarily through the Nautical Research Journal, and the membership email list. Thus, all NRG members should have know about it. Anyone can attend, but NRG members get a price break on some registration fees. So, at this point, I guess I should put in a plug for becoming a member of the NRG. Of course your web page, The Ship Modeler, is another great way to advertise the next meeting.

  2. catopower Post author

    Thanks for your comments and report on the conference Larry! I definitely missed seeing you and our cohorts this year. Las Vegas is an interesting choice for the Nautical Research Guild conference. Hopefully, I’ll make it there next year.


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