Waiting in Anticipation for the Queen Anne Style Barge

Syren Ship Model Company, who brings us some of the finest blocks and rigging line available, plus a host of other products, is preparing to release their first complete kit, the Queen Anne Style Barge, c. 1708.

Chuck Passaro’s latest work. Soon to be available as a kit.

As you might recall, Chuck Passaro, is the designer of Model Shipway’s 18th Century English Longboat and 21ft. English Pinnace kits, among others. He also created a set of plans and sells them, along with fittings kits and bulkheads sets of the English cutter Cheerful, 1806.

My own 18th Century English Longboat from the Chuck Passaro designed Model Shipways kit.

This is really the first complete kit he will producing through his company Syren Ship Model Company. The Queen Anne style Barge will be an actual plank-on-frame, laser-cut kit featuring cherry construction with boxwood accents. It appears that the planking is pre-spiled and laser cut, which should simplify construction greatly. Chuck announced recently on Model Ship World that the kit would available soon for $235. That was on October 11th, so it should be any time now. Perhaps he’ll have them ready to coincide with the NRG Conference, which takes place next week? That’s just speculation.

In any case, this looks to be a must-have kit. I know it is for me. If you want to see more information about the model and the kit, visit the Syren Ship Model Company news and forthcoming new projects – products thread on Modelshipworld.com. Or just keep an eye out for the kit release on Syrenshipmodelcompany.com. I know I will. Ω


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