Pirated Products on the Internet

I would like all ship modelers to beware and understand the significance and impact of many kits that are appearing from a number of Chinese companies on the Internet.

The amount of work necessary to research and design ship model kits is a major part of the expense of producing good quality kits. It is unfortunate then that unscrupulous individuals and companies are stealing work that has been legitimately produced at great cost and expense, using the work to produce their own knockoff products and either making their kits more attractive by adding their own details, or undercutting the pricing of legitimate manufacturers, or both.

The problem is rampant, and many ship modelers are aware of what’s going on, but ignore the issue for their own benefit and to the detriment of the dedicated, legitimate ship modeling industry, and it is having an impact on the very companies that have built this industry.

Amati/Victory Models kit of the English cutter Lady Nelson was designed by modeler Chris Watton. It is based on the lines of HMS Sherbourne. Recently, a Chinese company released an exact copy of this kit, same scale, adding a few of their own details. But they even went so far as to use photos of the Amati kit in their listings. They even copied the name Lady Nelson, a fictitious name used by Amati / Victory Models for this model.

Some of the piracy is a bit subtle, and in some cases involve the copying of kits that are no longer in production. Ever notice Chinese or even Russian sellers of the Harvey, a Baltimore clipper kit that was once produced by Artesania Latina?

Some of the piracy is so blatant, like the production of the Model Shipways kit of the US frigate Confederacy, to go so far as even providing photocopies of the original plans and instructions from the legitimate kit.

In other cases, these pirate companies produce some nice looking kits based on currently published books and plans, but these are produced without permission of the authors or publishers, with no licensing, effectively undermining the hard work produced by these individuals and the investments by these publishers. In the end, this only serves as a disincentive to those who might otherwise publish the next great book, plan or kit. Why bother if one of these unscrupulous companies is going to steal their work? And again, it only adds insult to injury that we or our fellow ship modelers should subsidize the downfall of this industry by knowingly purchasing these pirated products.

Some ship modeling sites, like The NRG’s Model Ship World, have taken the measure of banning ship model build logs of pirated products. It’s unfortunate that such efforts are necessary, and even more unfortunate that other ship modeling forums haven’t take a stand against this rampant piracy.

Hopefully, people will begin to understand the damage being done by these unscrupulous sellers and will stop supporting them before it’s too late.



3 thoughts on “Pirated Products on the Internet

  1. Joe

    I don’t understand. where do companies get their info for kits. they take it from other people that do research. so if someone writes a book on the research they did or redraws admiralty drawings to make them more accurate and publishes them. then someone takes the research and draws up a set of plans from it. they are doing no more than the people crying about it have done. it is one thing to take a COMPLETE set of detailed plans someone drew and resell but using research to draw a set is what EVERYONE does even people like Syren Ships they stole someone elses research to do their plans and kits so get over it and grow up

    1. catopower Post author

      Joe, companies make their kits by doing research. I’m not sure where you get the idea that they take info from other people’s research. Who does this? Admittedly, any secondary research, using published information derived from another person’s work, is a rather fuzzy area. But, I assure you, if you spent countless hours researching a subject, I certainly would never take your work and publish it for my own commercial gain. If I wanted to do that, I’d reach out to you with a commercial proposal. I suspect you would probably do the same for me.

      Generally speaking, we all know right from wrong, but this understanding gets very muddy when it happens between two other parties, especially if that action serves our own self interests. And, I suspect that you really like these kits. I also think that may blind you to what they are and what their manufacturers are doing.

      Characterizing the victims as “crying” or suggesting that they need to “grow up” or “get over it” certainly doesn’t help, though I’m pretty certain that some of them probably lack a certain civility themselves. It just shows that we all need to “grow up.” This issue affects us all in the long run.

      Perhaps someone can convince these manufacturers and their designers to take on the production of original kits. Plans are available from museums of countless subjects that we’d all love to see in kit form. Would that be so difficult to do?


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