Two Billing Boats kits just added, Frigate Jylland and HMS Warrior

I’ve always really liked these sail/steam hybrid ships from the mid-19th century. Now, Ages of Sail has added two of these favorites from Billing Boats, and is offering limited time special pricing.

Also, check out the online shop, which carries the same Jylland kit for only $429, though they don’t list the HMS Warrior.

Both these kits have been available through for quite some time, but are only just now appearing at Ages of Sail.

Ages of Sail

We’ve carried Billing Boats kits for quite a while, but we’re working now to expand our retail selection of these kits. There will be more Billing Boats kits forthcoming, including a couple fairly recent releases. But, for now, here are two classic warships from the transitionary period between sail and steam, the Danish frigate Jylland and the British iron-hulled warship HMS Warrior.

Both of the original ships are still in existence  and represent the last ships of their kind. They are available for public access, so you can still walk the decks of these beautiful vessels. And, if you can’t get to them, there should be plenty of photos on the Internet to help you make the most accurate build possible.

In fact, here are a couple photos we found on the web…

HMS Warrior

Frigate Jylland

Both Billing Boats kits are “Expert” level models, so we don’t recommend you…

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1 thought on “Two Billing Boats kits just added, Frigate Jylland and HMS Warrior

  1. Christos

    @HMS Warrior: Am just finding out that the sister ship (were two of its class) HMS Black Prince, with his captain, then the Duke of Edinburg, was one of the ships that came to Cyprus, when back in 1878, the British Empire was to take over Cyprus from the Ottoman Empire. It was a squad of 7 or 8 ships coming from Suda bay (Crete Greece) under Vice Admiral Lord John Hay and his flagship HMS Minotaur.

    refer. Sir G.Hill’s book: “A History of Cyprus” Vol III. Cambridge 1952


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