Renesans Paint Colors for Shipyard Kits

Those of you familiar with Shipyard paper kits may have come across some color reference numbers and wondered what colors they correspond to. Shipyard references a brand of paint called Renesans, which is an artist’s acrylic line of matte finish colors that work really well with the paper kits. They are included with Shipyard’s boxed edition Laser Cardboard series of kits, but the problem is that you can’t buy the paints here in the U.S.

[Edit: Problem solved! See note at bottom of post]

I managed to find an online store that handles the brand, but it’s in Poland, and I don’t think ordering from them will be easy. However, their order page for this line of colors shows images of the colors along with the color numbers, which may be handy for the model builder looking for an equivalent paint. The color descriptions are in Polish, but the color clips are quite clear.

If you who don’t want to try to figure out the site and just want something that shows you the colors, I copied the color chips from the Internet and put them together in a chart that just shows the colors you will find in Shipyard kits. The Shipyard kit descriptions and instructions will specify the colors needed.

Pretty much, this is only necessary for the Laser Cut Model kit series. These are generally all Lighthouse kits or Quay Port kits and their related buildings and accessories.. The Laser Cardboard kit series are the boxed kits and they come with paints.

The Paper Model kits series are pre-printed, but you might want to give the white edges of the paper a light wash of paint to get rid of any otherwise harsh contrast. You really don’t need an exact color match to do that, as anything close will make a world of difference from the stark white edges of the paper.

At this time, I’m looking for a dealer that sells this line of paints to the U.S.  If anyone knows of one, please let me know and I’ll post the information here. In the meantime, I’m trying to enlist some help from Shipyard.


Update 10/21/17: Problem solved! Today, I received a package from Poland with some Renesans Colours acrylics I was able to order. See my recent post for more info:



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