Modeling a Gifu Tabune

My latest quick project. And, I mean quick – started it Thursday, finished it Friday…

Wasen Modeler

When I was writing my recent post about Douglas Brook’s upcoming work in Gifu, Japan, building an Ukaibune, or cormorant fishing boat, I noticed another boat and some drawings on his blog site. The boat was one of three tabune (田舟), or rice field boats, that boatbuilder Seichi Nasu had just completed.

One of Nasu-san’s tabune built in 2014. Photo courtesy of Douglas Brooks.

Tabune are used for working around the flooded rice patties. These boats are most commonly quite small, and pulled by rope or handle or pushed along by the farmer. Douglas Brooks worked on an 8′ tabune in Himi, Japan in early 2016, that was locally referred to as a Zutta Tenma. In some areas where rice paddies are connected by canals and rivers, larger boats may be used.

I happened to notice on Mr. Brook’s blog a photo of the plans used by Mr. Nasu. So, I…

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