Ship Modeling Projects for 2017

It’s a bit late to start writing about what I’m going to be working on in 2017, but up to this point, I really wasn’t sure what I was doing this year. Not that I know what I’m doing now, but at least I have an idea of what my priorities need to be.

Last year, I managed to finish up my HMS Alert paper model, which was somewhat of a priority as a fellow ship modeler wanted to buy it. That project turned out great. I also spent a lot of my focus in 2016 on Japanese traditional boats, particularly due to the influence of my trip to Japan last Fall. I worked on, and mostly completed an Urayasu bekabune model, based on the work of boatbuilder Douglas Brooks. I also spent a lot of time trying to finalize my article on building Woody Joe’s Higaki Kaisen model. Then there were pieces of long term or low priority projects.

Looking at 2017, I’ve got a couple very near-term priorities, which I hope to finish-up in the next couple weeks:

  • Complete an article on building the HMS Alert paper model.
  • Complete the Colonial Schooner Independence.

I’ve reviewed my long-term projects, and settled on the following:

  • HMS Victory, 1/78-scale modified Panart kit.
  • Rigging the 1/8″-scale model of the clipper ship Flying Fish.
  • Repair of a Golden Hind model (more on this later)
  • USS Saginaw, 1/8″ scale solid hull scratch build

The last one is the model I started a few years ago, which is actually quite far along. I was thinking I should finish up my Kanrin Maru model, but the hull of that one isn’t even coppered, plus it has a lot more rigging and all the deck detail to do.

The Saginaw should be quicker to complete, and it should have a home when it’s done, clearing off another spot on my shelves. So, we’ll have another go at getting the paddle wheels done. Then, once the rudder is mounted, the model can be mounted and details finished up. Sounds so much easier here than when it’s on my work bench…

In the meantime, someone is really subsidizing a chunk of my model work in exchange for rigging a model of the Flying Fish, based on a Model Shipways kit. The model needed some repair work, and some of the yards aren’t completed, but it’s really just a matter of adding the standing and running rigging, and will give me good practice for doing the same on the Victory, which is a lot more complicated a rig.

That’s the plan for now. There are little projects here and there that I’ll try not to get too distracted by until I get some of these “focus” projects done. We’ll see how that goes. Ω


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