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New Glossary of Japanese Terms Added

For those studying traditional Japanese boats, you might find this helpful in your research.

Wasen Mokei 和船模型

I’ve just updated the Wasen Modeler site’s Resources menu and added a new glossary of Japanese boat types of terms. This is definitely a work in progress. As much as anything, it’s a place for me to store my notes. But, it’s publicly accessible to you.

I’ve included the opening text for the page in the text below…

This is a list of terms relating to traditional Japanese boats, or wasen, that I’ve collected in my notes. This is not even close to being a comprehensive list, and the descriptions given are really quite basic. I’ve compiled this list from my own studies, and with the help of many others who are more knowledgeable than myself.

Yubune 湯船 - a bath boat from the Edo period. Yubune 湯船 – a bath boat from the Edo period.

Sources of information include the book Funakagami, books I’ve collected by Professor Kenji Ishii, the works of Douglas Brooks, information parsed from the Internet, and…

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