Finishing Up the Year

My Japan trip and the NRG conference have together taken about 2 months of my time this year, what with the events themselves, plus all the planning, re-planning, and preparations. So, with the trip and the conference behind me, it’s now time to look at where I’m at on everything.

Higaki Kaisen Article

The first thing I needed to get back to is my article on building Woody Joe’s Higaki Kaisen kit that I’m working on for Seaways’ Ships in Scale. I just went through and made a set of additions and corrections that I’ve been working on. And today, I’ve finished working out what photos I’m including and my recommended placement within the article. I don’t know where they’ll actually appear – that’s up to the editors. But, I can make suggestions.

I still have to write my captions for them, but that’s about it. Then, I’ll make one last set of formatting corrections – I’m told that foreign words should be italicized. I’ve been reluctant to do that because when you’re writing about a model of a Japanese ship manufactured by a Japanese model manufacturer, that’s an awful lot of italicized words. To me, it’s a bit distracting. We’ll see what happens when I get to that final stage.

One thing I didn’t do this time around is to add a bunch of phonetic pronunciation the way I did with past articles. It seemed too much this time. But, after talking with people at the NRG Conference and hearing some people struggle with pronunciation, maybe I’ll include some of the words phonetically spelled out in table form.

HMS Alert Article

My next writing project really should be a write up on building the paper model kit of the cutter HMS Alert. I was reminded of the potential interest in this at the NRG Conference. One very experienced ship modeler that I have a lot of respect for had enthusiastically pointed out my model to others. He has expressed an interest in building the model himself, which is the best complement on my model that I can think of.

The Nautical Research Journal also just included an article on the building of a Dutch ship from paper, and I know that was because of the editor’s interest in the subject.

I’m not sure if I’ll target an article for the Journal or for Ships in Scale yet. If I do something simple, it would be nice to have another article in the Journal. But, seeing as how I’d really like to see more people building these wonderful kits from Poland, I have an interest in Ships in Scales larger circulation.

Hacchoro Build Article

The final article in my list is one on building variants of Woody Joe’s Hacchoro kit. Having visited the two replica Hacchoro in Japan last month, I have a strong incentive to do this. It will be a bit more involved than the Alert article though, as I haven’t built a variant yet. However, I did purchase another Hacchoro kit to use, and maybe I will purchase a second one.

I will have to build them and take lots of photos if I’m going to write about them. But, the kit is very easy to build, and the modifications I’d make should be pretty straight forward.

I may not actually do anything on this until after the first of the year. Certainly, I won’t start on it until after I complete my HMS Alert article.

HMS Victory Commission

Of course, while all this is going on, I need to put most of my effort into working on the HMS Victory. If you’ve been following my blog, you’ve probably seen this brought up from time to time. I’m now at the stage where I’m trying to finish up the planking using boxwood that I milled from a large board I purchased a couple years ago.

The gun ports gave me a run for my money. But, I finished those months ago and have been planking ever since. I’ve now planked around the upper and middle gun decks and hope to finish planking around the lower gun deck this weekend. Then, once I get down to the waterline, it will be smooth sailing, as the hull will be coppered below.

I’m really looking forward to getting the planking done, so I can finish the stern galleries. Then, once I get the headrails done and the bottom coppered, I can mount the hull, at least temporarily, and focus on the upper works, get the guns mounted on the upper gun deck and get the forecastle deck in place. Lots of work yet!


My side project when there’s time is to work on the Urayasu Bekabune and get a scratch model built. It’s a very simple boat, but building one from scratch is a whole new experience for me. I took my work in progress to the NRG conference, where I showed people what I’m doing with it. But, it would be nice to be able to add that to one of my Japanese boat models displays in San Francisco’s Japantown.

Last week, I was in Berkeley and stopped in at the Japanese tool store Hida Tools. I’ve been wanting to expand my selection of small carving chisels and bought three of them. I can only afford the cheapest ones, which are actually pretty nice and just under $8 each.

Japanese Boat Models Display

Speaking of which, the next scheduled display runs from November 1 through November 30. Because I have so much going on right now, I will probably only include the same models as last time. I might not even include the Japanese boat workshop, since I took the boat out of it to work on. I wanted to make some new folding stands so I can increase the number of models displayed and also be able to carry everything in my car in one trip. But, we’ll have to see how that goes as the display starts in just over 2 weeks.

I’d planned to print up some announcement cards like I did last time. But, being so close after the NRG Conference and all, I think I’ll scrap that idea and just get the display up. Maybe next time, I’ll get more elaborate with the set up and the announcements.

So, that’s it for now. Stay tuned to find out what changes and what I end up working on instead! Ω


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