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Santa Leocadia Paper Model Ship Kit – Just for Fun

Once in a while, you just want to stick something together without being too involved in a project. Sometimes paper models work quite well for this.

This last weekend, I had some time to work on a project, but I just wasn’t in the mood to work on my wood or paper projects. I had a Santa Leocadia Super Modellar Plans set from Shipyard of Poland sitting on my shelf for well over a year. This is really a set of model plans that included the basic hull in the form of a laser-cut paper model kit in 1/72 scale.


However, the kit really stops there. It’s designed to provide the basic hull, but the builder is expected to build the rest using paper, wood or whatever. The hull even requires planking with 1/16″ thick planks. My plan was to build up the model as far as the included parts go and possibly add the parts I got as part of a Santa Leocadia “Super Detail Set” that I bought from GPM, another Polish company. This set includes ships wheel, capstan, gun carriages, ship’s stove, etc.

I figure I can use the model completed that far as a display example of paper ship model kits. We’ll see. My HMS Alert started off this way, but I’m almost done with that one now. So, who knows.

The Santa Loecadia is a 38-gun Spanish Frigate built in 1777.



It’s fun just fitting parts together like this. At this stage, the kit parts don’t have to be glued together, the parts fit tightly enough to stay together. There’s still plenty to do on this kit. It goes together just like all the other Shipyard paper ship model kits. Next is to fit the subdecks and to cover the hull with the first layer of “Sub-Planking”, which is made up strips that fill the space between adjacent frames.

I got my Shipyard product from Ages of Sail. You just have to pay attention to the difference between the Modellar Plans and the Super Modellar Plans. The “Super” versions includes the laser-cut parts in 1/72 scale. These were limited edition products and Ages of Sail has only a few left. However, I’ve seen that these are also available from the Polish manufacturer GPM.