Daily Archives: March 1, 2016

Billing Boats New Website Today?

Billing Boats kits have been highly regarded in the past as being fairly accurate. They are generally light on finer details, but detail is something that often determines if a kit is simple to build or difficult.



The advantage of kits that skip some details can often be that a more advanced modeler may like adding all the extra details that makes his or her model special, whereas a beginner may just want something that they can finish and will look nice in the end. Both can make good use of the same kit as long as it’s accurate.

But, Billing Boats has had a recent history of being difficult to work with due to changes in company ownership and all. Kits are sometimes hard to get, and replacement parts, nearly impossible. Companies like Ages of Sail and Billing Boats USA (which is not owned by Billing Boats) can fill some of the needs, but they have the same difficulties as customers in getting some things.

But, according to the Billing Boats website, they are going to be uploading a new site, March 1st, 2016. That’s today! I took a look and don’t see anything yet, but at the moment it’s really only 8 pm, February 29th in Europe, so there’s basically another full day at least.

Here’s to hoping we see Billing Boats back in action, and soon!