Scale Conversion Chart Updated

Because I’ve been studying small Japanese watercraft, and Japanese boat builders often model their work in 1/10 or 1/15-scale, I’ve decided to update my conversion chart to include these. I included 1/30-scale just because I was looking at a drawing at that scale yesterday and needed to convert it anyway, so I added the scale to my list. Also, realizing that there are kits in 1/100-scale, I added it too, though I already have 1/98, which is awfully close. But, I figure ship modelers pretty well want exact measurements…

Copy Scale Chart (rev. D) 

I’ve had to narrow down the columns just a tad, so the chart is getting a little tighter. However, the font sizes haven’t changed and it will still fit on one sheet of standard letter-sized paper.

Please distribute as needed. All that I ask is that you leave the annotations on it, including the creator’s name (me!). This file is also updated in the SHOP NOTES submenu under RESOURCES. Ω


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