Krick Kits from Germany Now at Ages of Sail

I can tell you with all certainty that Ages of Sail, the ship model distributor and retail store located in San Lorenzo, California, is now carrying model kits from the German manufacturer Krick. An official announcement should be coming out today or tomorrow, but the kits are in stock and you can see them at

U.S. Revenue Cutter Alert

U.S. Revenue Cutter Alert





The lineup includes a few wooden display models including a very large scale model of a U.S. revenue cutter and the English built paddlewheel steamer Gulnara of the Sardinian Navy.

Operating models appear to have ABS plastic hulls and  include a German Type VII U-Boat, which can be built with an optional dive unit, also available at Ages of Sail, other electric powered models made for RC operation, and a few open steam launches, made for live steam operation.

Unfortunately, Krick seems to be having trouble sourcing the steam engines themselves, so those components are not yet available. But, all else is available including sail sets, fitting sets and the U-Boat’s dive set.

Since Ages of Sail is also a distributor, you should see these things starting to pop up at,, and others. Ω


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