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Swiss Pear Blocks from Syren Ship Model Company are Gone!

Those of us who appreciated the beautiful color and quality of the Swiss Pear blocks that were produced by Syren Ship Model Company will be saddened to learn that the company has decided to discontinue the blocks.


An announcement was made on Model Ship World along with clearance sale pricing on January 30 of this year and as of February 4th, they’ve been removed from the site. That wasn’t much of a heads up for those few of us who liked using the pear wood blocks, but the boxwood blocks are still in production.

I never saw the announcement and, In my case, I have enough pearwood blocks to finish a project that uses them, but I’m going to have to change my plans for a couple other projects. Maybe it’s time to reconsider going back and improve my own block making techniques and forget the reliance on vendor made blocks?

I made my own for both my Mary Taylor and Lively models, so we’ll see. For my paper model of HMS Alert, I had some of Syren’s Swiss Pear blocks mounted, but I was thinking of going back to paper blocks in keeping with the paper model theme anyway. That just simplifies the decision.

For those who don’t want to make their own blocks but prefer darker wood blocks, Syren’s boxwood blocks will work just fine when stained. Ω


Presentation on the C.A. Thayer in San Francisco, February 25

Those of you who have been following the news on the last West Coast lumber schooner C.A. Thayer are probably aware that it is currently in Alameda at Bay Ship & Yacht Company, currently receiving her masts and standing rigging. This is exciting news as she’s been sitting for years at Hyde Street Pier, unrigged. While she went through a major restoration of her hull many years ago, what’s a sailing ship without masts? She’ll be home soon and ready for the remaining rigging and deckhouse work soon.

Coming up on Thursday, February 25, there will be a presentation the Thayer by three members of the National Park’s preservation team at the Maritime Library in Lower Fort Mason at 6:00 PM. This event is FREE TO THE PUBLIC.

Below is the flier for the event. Don’t miss it!

THAYER Lecture