Ship Model Projects for 2016 – What Now?

Getting the repair work done on the Santa Maria was a major concern that I wanted to complete. Now that both that repair job and the Tosa Wasen model are done, it’s time to examine the MANY projects I have ahead.

I have many partial projects that I’ve started, mostly for fun and experience. The nice thing about that is that as I look at what I want to deal with next, they are there and waiting and won’t take nearly as long as a project started from the very beginning. So, you may have seen bits and pieces of projects mentioned that have kind of disappeared. My apologies for anyone waiting on progress. It’s just how I’ve liked to work in the past.

There are some projects which are active, but only worked on periodically. Except for the last one, the Sir Winston Churchill, there’s no actual rush to complete these, though I have someone who wants the Alert model and lets me know now and again.

  • HMS Alert, 1777, paper model from Shipyard
  • Rainbow, Amati kit for Ages of Sail
  • Bohuslän, Nordic Class Boat kit, in part for Ages of Sail
  • Sir Winston Churchill, Woody Joe kit for

But there are also projects that I really need to get on with. In order of importance, these are:

  • Colonial Schooner Independence, modified kit
  • HMS Victory, from Panart
  • Kanrin Maru, 1/75 scale modified Woody Joe kit
  • USS Saginaw, 1/8″ scale solid hull scratch build

So, before Woody Joe releases their new 1/72 scale Kitamaebune kit in the next month or so and distracts me further, I’d better get working!


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