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A Good Beginning Ship Model Kit – Amati’s America’s Cup Kits

I just wrote this up for Ages of Sail. These really are nice looking kits at a good price. I know many people who go into ship modeling have square riggers in mind. But, this is a good way to get introduced to wooden ship model building without getting overwhelmed. Plus, it’s a relatively quick build. A successful first build is key to the making of a ship modeler and this seems like a good way to get there. Instructions are in Italian, but a booklet containing all the English language instruction is included.

Ages of Sail

“What’s a good kit for a beginning ship modeler?”

That’s a question that gets asked a lot here. The answer can depend on a number of things, such as the builder’s experience with other model kits, plastic or wood. Some people come to ship modeling with a woodworking background, some are youngsters who want to try it out or have a parent/grandparent wanting to start them off. Others are recently retired and have always wanted to build a ship model.

Whatever your situation, here is one recommendation that will probably work for many. Amati Model makes a series of 1/80-scale America’s Cup boat kits. These are the J-boats, the classic racers from the early 20th century that were fast but also elegant.

Shamrock V, 1930 Challenger Shamrock V, 1930 Challenger

Rainbow, 1934 Defender Rainbow, 1934 Defender

Amati makes several different types of America’s Cup kits, but their 1/80-scale kits in particular are ideal for the beginning ship modeler…

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