Selling on my Site

Well, here’s something new I thought I’d try.

I’m not trying to run a store in any way, but I do have some things from time to time that I’d consider putting up on Ebay or listing on Model Ship World or announcing at club meetings. But, I thought I’d kind of take the lazy way out and just list them here on my blog site.

Okay, it’s not EXACTLY the lazy way. I wanted to make it easy for the buyer, so I tried my hand at creating Paypal buttons. It took me a while, as putting the pre-made button code into the blog site isn’t as obvious as one might think.

So, far, the only thing I’ve listed is the Japanese Super Fine Cut Hobby Saw, which Zootoyz sells, but I’ll list a few kits in there that I should probably pass along as I’ll never get to them. Also, maybe there are a few hard to find items that I can pass along that I no longer need. Unfortunately, the pack rat in me says I need EVERYTHING, but I think he’s probably wrong. I’ll list what I can, contrary to his protestations…

Visit my For Sale page.


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