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Hurry, Only 30 Days Left to Enter NRG Photo Contest

The Nautical Research Guild’s 2015 Photographic Ship Model Competition is still open for entries. But, if you intend to submit your ship model photos, you’d better hurry as the deadline is May 31st, 2015. This is the third such competition, the first one being in 2011 and the next in 2013. There are some truly amazing models entered by NRG members, but it’s not all about winning, it’s also about learning from others. The submissions are reviewed by a panel of knowledgeable judges, who will score and provide comments and evaluation. It’s not easy to put yourself out on a limb to critique, but in the end it’s all about building better models.

This is my model of the Private Armed Schooner Lively, 1813. It is a scratch-build based on kit plans from the old North River Scale Model company. Maybe I'll enter it finally this year.

This is my model of the Private Armed Schooner Lively, 1813. It is a scratch-build based on kit plans from the old North River Scale Model company. Maybe I’ll finally enter it in the NRG competition this year.

I’ve personally never entered the contest, though I was all set to enter my Mary Taylor and Privateer Lively models in the first competition. But, at the time, the rules stated that no photo modifications were allowed and I couldn’t get a decent photo without adjusting the exposure and color balance settings, so I didn’t bother. I was a bit irked (and apparently wasn’t alone), when such adjustments were allowed, even though the rules said otherwise.

Since then, the rules have been modified to allow such photos as long as they are not retouched, so I think I will go ahead and enter a couple models, possibly even the Higaki Kaisen model, just to say I did it.

The competition is open only to NRG members, though that includes associate members. That means that all you have to do is sign up on the Model Ship World forum for free, since MSW is owned by the NRG and all MSW members are automatically given NRG associate member status.

If you aren’t an NRG member, but are interested and want to enter the competition, here’s a good opportunity to join, as the NRG has a special offer that include entry fee and NRG membership for only $55, which equates to joining the NRG and then paying only $7 for the first competition entry instead of the $15 that regular members have to pay or $20 for associate members.

Check out the details on the NRG site here:


A pdf of file of the rules can be downloaded along with the entry forms. Winners and prizes announced at the NRG Conference in Mystic, CT this Fall. Even if you don’t enter, I highly recommend supporting the NRG by becoming a member and receiving their quarterly journal.

The Last of the Big RC Tall Ship Model Kits – Follow up

After learning about these large scale ship model kit, I just had to find out more. I had a brief talk with the owner of the company and found out that the company is actually a medical hardware company that started producing these kits as a means to keep their employees working during slow times. Times have changed and it no longer makes sense for them to continue making the products.

However, they still have a few models left if you’re interested. According to the owner, Philip Roberts, they still have 3 HMS Surprise kits and 4 Prince de Neufchâtel kits available. Sorry, the HMS Cruiser brigs are gone.

Just out of curiosity, I’m going to try to make a visit in the next few weeks and see what’s there and what they’ve been producing. If they only had “low APR financing available on most models!”