Daily Archives: April 6, 2015

Boatbuilder Douglas Brooks in a VPR Interview

If you’ve been on my site here long enough, you’ve probably run across a link or my mention of American boatbuilder Douglas Brooks. Recently I started up again, studying his blog writings, his website and any other information I can find on the Internet about his Japanese boat building projects. I’m trying to get some specifics for the construction of a model of a traditional Japanese boat called a Bekabune. This is a small, lightweight boat used in the harvesting of nori (seaweed).

So, while I was going through his website, his blog site and just doing general Internet searches on terms I’ve been trying to learn, I ran across this great recorded radio interview on VPR, a Vermont NPR News Source. In it, Mr. Brooks talks from his workshop about his work to preserve the art of Japanese boat building. It’s a great 6-minute interview.

By the way, it looks like his book about his five apprenticeships in Japan will be coming out this Fall. Look for him to do some book promotions in your area!