Billing Boats Paints now at Ages of Sail

With the loss of the Floquil Marine Colors (many years ago) and Railroad Colors, the availability of oil based paints has shrunk. But, here is a line of oil based paints specifically for the marine modeler. These cleanup easily with Acetone and I’ve read that they airbrush very nicely. I’ll be trying them out myself.

Ages of Sail

If you’re looking for paints for your next model project, we’ve added Billing Boats paints to our website.


These are oil based paints in 1/2 ounce (14.7ml) jars in authentic Billing Boat marine colors. Great for all hobby and craft projects. Shake well. Hand-brush with natural bristle brushes for best results. When brushing, thin sparingly with BB #40 Thinner/Cleaner or acetone. For airbrushing, thin up to 20% with BB #40 Thinner/Cleaner or acetone and shake well. Clean tool immediately after use. For painting on soft wood, use BB #39 Primer/Base Coat for more even gloss.


Available Colors:

BB#01 White
BB#02 Duck Egg Blue
BB#03 Emerald
BB#04 Orange
BB#05 Tan
BB#06 Hull Red
BB#07 Sea Blue
BB#08 Brunswick Green
BB#09 Bright Red
BB#10 Matte Lemon (Flat)
BB#11 Black
BB#12 Pale Grey
BB#13 Trainer Yellow
BB#14 Matte White (Flat)
BB#15 Silver
BB#16 Gold
BB#17 Clear Gloss Coat
BB#18 Mediterranean Blue
BB#19 Matte…

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