Last of the Kriegstein Collection Books – Get Yours Quick!

If you’ve never seen the Kriegstein Collection or part of it, you’re really missing a rare sight. I was fortunately to be able to visit the home of Dr. Arnold Kriegstein with the members of the Hyde Street Pier Model Shipwrights group a few years ago.


Photos courtesy of Seawatch Books


Photos courtesy of Seawatch Books

I had attended the Nautical Research Guild Conference in San Francisco (well, actually, it was in San Mateo) where Dr. Kriegstein gave a presentation. The NRG event included a tour of his home, which I had missed. So one of the other Hyde Street Pier members and I approached Dr. Kriegstein about organizing a separate visit at some time, which he was completely open to. So, we went about organizing a date for our group some months later and visited his home, which is just North of San Francisco.

I won’t go into a lot of detail, but it was an AMAZING experience. Arnold Kriegstein and his twin brother Henry together own the largest private collection of contemporary ship models in the world and it was a treat and an honor to be a guest of Dr. Kriegstein’s home, and I have to say he was a very warm and welcoming host.


But, the point of this post is to point at the Seawatch Books, LLC, has announced that there will not be further printings of their beautiful book on the Kriegstein Collection. When their supply of the “Second and Revised Expanded Edition” have run out, there won’t be more. If you want a copy at normal retail prices, hurry and buy your’s. If you don’t, this limited publication will instantly fall into the category of collectible books and the used book prices will certainly jump.

It’s not an inexpensive book, but it is a beautifully illustrated study of these classic historic models.

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