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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

It’s Christmas! Well, actually, by the time I got to starting this post, Christmas is almost over. But, this is my Christmas post and I just want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas. Even to those who don’t celebrate the tradition, you understand the sentiment. Good cheer and peace to all.

Being that I visit my aging Japanese mother at Christmas, we don’t do the Turkey thing. Usually it’s some kind of sushi, omochi (baked rice cake), tempura or something like that. Man, I miss stuffing and cranberry sauce and all the traditional holiday fare! But, it’s okay, because it’s more about the holiday time and family, friends and all. But, who can ignore PRESENTS!

While, I get myself enough ship modeling stuff all year round, here to hoping that you got a special ship model kit or related tools to further your hobby! And, if you’re like me and don’t ever get ship model related stuff from Santa, I hope you can buy yourself something good as soon as you can in the new year.

Here are some of the kit releases that we saw in 2014…

6 new kits from Nordic Class Boats including:

s/s Bohuslän

s/s Mariefred

R/C Svea Nordic fishing trawler

Small Svea Nordic fishing tawler

Solö Ruff classic mahogany runabout

CB-90H modern combat boat

Woody Joe released or re-released more new kits than I can keep track of including:

Hacchoro, Edo period 8-oared fishing boat revised kit

Yatakabune, Edo period pleasure boat revised kit, now with interior lighting! (Note the boatman figure is no longer included)

Cutty Sark, 1/100 scale revised kit

Hobikisen Edo period fishing boat mini-kit

Utasebune Edo period fishing boat mini-kit

OcCre Models:

English Ship Revenge, new kit just arrived from Spain

Shipyard Paper Models:

HMS Wolf, 1752, new 1/72-scale laser cardboard version now available

Amati Model:

English Galleon Revenge kit designed by Chris Watton – well, it was expected, but hasn’t appeared yet.


There are more than likely many new kit releases I’ve missed here, but this is a pretty good example of the work that the ship model kit manufacturers have been putting in.

I think next year promises to see some good stuff too, starting with Syren Ship Model Company‘s planned release of plans and parts for the English Cutter Cheerful, 1806, designed especially for the first time scratch builder. We should also, hopefully, see Amati’s Revenge kit. Plus, I know Woody Joe has a few things in the works, and I hope to see some of those released.

Of course, many of us have at least a small stockpile of kits or projects that are waiting for us. Still, it’s always fun when new stuff comes out. So, I say, let’s get to work finishing those in-progress projects, there’s a lot more great stuff coming!

Happy Holidays!