First Ship Modelers’ Meet-Up of the New Year

Well, it looks like it’s official. The next online forum ship modelers’ meet-up is schedule for January 3rd at 10 am. The location is again at the Vallejo Naval and Historical Museum. This must be about the group’s 5th get together and it is a growing bunch. The group is still small, but last month was our biggest meeting to date. I think we had some 8 people in attendance, two of whom were first timers there.

Maybe it helped that it was the birthday of one of our members and someone brought a cake. No birthdays this time, but we’ll likely have our usual fare of coffee and bagels. Plus, there are always lots of models at these meetings. In fact, the ratio of models to attendees is the highest I’ve seen in the whole San Francisco Bay Area since I moved up here back in 1999.


What’s a ship model meeting without ship models? Mamoli Royal Louis is in the background and Corel’s Wappen von Hamburg in the foreground.

There are kit models, scratch models and kit bashed models alike brought to our meetings.


New ship modeler Dave Wingate showing his progress on scratch building a lightning-class sail boat.

In addition to the models, there is always a lot of great discussion about the models and about ship model related topics. Plus good company with good people.

If you’re interested in joining us, post a comment with your contact information. Ω



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