Mamoli Fire

I don’t know if word has gotten around yet, but a few weeks ago Mamoli had a major fire which destroyed their office and factory – burned them to the ground, I’m told. I don’t know what will happen to the company or their kits, but US distributor Ages of Sail has removed the kits from their website. They still have the kits, but they’re stopping sales in general of the Mamoli line. That includes the age old favorites like their Royal Louis, Yacht Mary, and Flying Cloud as well as their popular Mini-Mamoli line. mamoli-yacht-mary-mv28 If there is something you’re intent on getting, you can contact them and ask. They’ll decide on a case-by-case basis depending on stock, etc. Of course, there are retailers that may still have some kits, so you can always check with them, but some of them may not be aware of the situation (found that out today). MV38 Le CoureurThose looking for an easier kit, like from the Mini-Mamoli product line, might want to consider the Amati J-Boats with the pre-carved hulls, the Midwest kits, which are often overlooked, and the basic Artesania Latina kits like the Swift, the Mistral or Jolie Brise. These aren’t “mini” kits, but they are good entry level kits.


One thought on “Mamoli Fire

  1. catopower Post author

    Well, that’s really a question of supply and demand. I have no way of knowing what the demand is for the kit, so I couldn’t really say. I would guess that it’s a bit more valuable if it’s out of production, but it really depends on how many of these kits are sitting in people’s closets, unbuilt. Best way to find out is to watch for the kit on Ebay and see what its final selling price is. But, you have to look at the results of several auctions, because sometimes a person just gets lucky and gets the kit for cheap. Other times, multiple bidders just happen to want the kit, driving the price up.

    As for the value fully built, that’s really dependent on how well it is built and whether or not someone is in the market for it. It can be hit or miss, even for a nicely built model. Generally speaking, there isn’t really a great market for completed ship model kits. You could wait for many years waiting for the right buyer to come along.

    Don’t figure on getting more than $2 to $5 per hour for your efforts. If you want to build it, you should just do it. When you are done, you’ll know what it’s worth to you. Build it because you enjoy it, not because you think your going to get some money for it.

    Mamoli was a kit manufacturer. They didn’t build ship models to the best of my knowledge, though some manufacturers (BlueJecket Ship Crafters for example) do build their kits and sell them on a custom order basis.


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