Echo Cross-Section

As regular readers already know, I need a new project like I need a hole in the head. But, referring back to a discussion I was having with some fellow ship modelers last week, sometimes you just have to step up and start doing something. Otherwise, you may spend years just thinking about reason why you can’t or shouldn’t be doing it.

Someone had commented on a person who built a boat (1 to 1 scale, i.e. full-size) in his basement, only to realize that he couldn’t get it out of the basement. But, to me, if he didn’t have any other place to build it, he never would have had the experience of building something like that.

So, maybe it’s foolish to have put all that work into something that you can’t actually use. But, as they say, sometimes The Journey is the Reward. Take the opportunity to do something you enjoy because the opportunity may not come again.

All of this talk is, of course, just to rationalize my purchase of a new item. This one is more of a study package of sorts. Admiralty Models, which is run by Greg Herbert and David Antscherl, produces accessories to aid in the construction of a model based on Antscherl’s work The Fully Framed Model, HMS Swan Class Sloops 1767-1780, a series of books published by Seawatch Books.

Echo-X-Section~~element15In addition to the Swan Class Sloop items, they also have a package for building a cross section of an Echo-class sixth-rate ship in the same 1/4″=1′ scale. Construction involves the same techniques presented by Antscherl in his books, but on a much more limited scale.

A cross-section model still has the construction of the ship’s frames, but generally ones that are all similar in size near midships. This means planking is straight forward, there is little to no beveling of the frames, no cant-frames to deal with and only a pair of gun ports, yet the model has the benefit of providing experience in most aspects involved in building the fully-framed model.

The package is mostly a bunch of wood provided by The Hobby Mill, but it also includes a pair of beautifully turned brass cannons from Admiralty Models and a CD with all the framing plans and instructions. With shipping, the cost of the package comes to around $200.


The wood is all boxwood of the high quality one would expect to get from the Hobby Mill. The cannons are absolutely beautiful, representing 6 pounders.

cannon1 webcannon1-1

Even if you’re not going to build an Echo Cross-Section or a Swan Class Ship, if you need 6-pounders in 1/4″ scale, these are absolutely gorgeous. Only hitch is that since they’re sold specifically for the Swans, they’re only available in sets of 16 and only in 1/4″ scale. My advice is to build in 1/4″ scale, buy as many sets as you need and save the rest for another project.

By the way, Admiralty Models also sells a beautifully done etched brass sheet of fittings, again designed specifically for the Swans in 1/4″ scale. But, might be worth taking a look at.

Well, honestly, I don’t have time to start this projects, but I don’t know how long it will be offered. After all, they used to sell a ship’s boat kit that’s no longer available. I didn’t want to miss out on this one, so I picked it up now, just in case.

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