New Build: H.M.S. Victory, Mantua/Panart kit in 1:78 Scale

As I mentioned at the start of the year, I received a commission to build a large HMS Victory model from kit. I was really hoping to be able to build the big, 1/72nd scale Caldercraft Victory, but it was just a little to big to fit in the area being set aside for it. So, the next largest kit is the one from Mantua/Panart. This is a 1/78 scale model that should measure about 1.3 meters or 51″ long. This will be the largest model I’ve ever built, so the idea is pretty exciting.

The kit was purchased from Ages of Sail and, being that they’re not all that far away, I drove over and picked up the model from their store/warehouse. If you’ve never visited them, and you’re ever in the area, you have to see how much STUFF they’ve got there. Shelves and shelves of ship model kits and fittings. Makes you just want to build them all. But, I’ll start by tackling this new HMS Victory.

Apparently, there are two HMS Victory kits that are exactly the same, but one includes copper sheathing plates and ship’s boats. That’s the one I got, though I’m not thrilled about the copper sheathing plate pattern or thickness, so I probably won’t use them. That steps is a long way off, so who knows? We’ll see what happens when I get there – It’ll be a while.

The kit is very big. What look like were once etched brass for the stern gallery details is now all laser cut stuff. To me, it looks like some details are too two-dimentional, but I’ll know more when I’m further along. I’m not making a kit review here, so I’m not including all the details.

This is a long-term project that I will expect will be working on until late 2015, early 2016 to complete. I have other projects that still need my attention, so I’m trying to allow for those. But, I figured if I don’t get this started… well… It’ll never get done!

The one item that caught my attention that does make me wonder about the quality of the kit is when I see the nice model on the box art. Looking at the rigging, it suddenly dawns on me that all the blocks on that model are rigged backwards!



I’m hoping the people who designed the kit aren’t the ones who also rigged that model…





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