New Shop Notes

Having a ship modeling library of your own is great and all ship modelers must surely have one of their own, whether it’s a couple tried and true titles, a stack of magazines, or a shelves of obscure and out of print references. The thing is, so much information is spread among so many sources that it takes longer and longer to look things up.

Given the amount of information the “well read” ship modeler must access, it becomes necessary to condense some of that material down as Post-It notes have their limitations.

I’ve finally started to compile my own little set of notes now because I’m finding it difficult to remember the decisions I’ve made as to whether the lap joints on those hatch coamings should show the seams across the fore and aft edges or the port and starboard edges, etc.

Now, my notes aren’t particularly well organized and they are certainly not complete, but at least I’m trying. In the long run, it should prove helpful. Having this blog site also gives me some incentive to get my “stuff” together, so I can share some of this arcane knowledge with others online.

So, I’ve started a new page called “SHOP NOTES” which you’ll find in the expanded menu. There’s nothing in there at the momement, so I’m going to put this little bit of information on ropes I recently compiled. This particular bit of information I wrote up because there was some online discussion on one of the forums, and I found myself forgetting what was a hawser laid line versus a shroud laid line and when to use left-handed twist rope versus right-handed.

So, come back after a few days and maybe I’ll have something useful, or at least interesting, in there.


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