Projects for the New Year

Wow, the new year has begun, it’s 2014 and this blog is now a year old. My first blog post was about ship model project priorities for 2013 and it’s time to review. Looking at the 2013 Priorities list we have:

  • San Felipe Rigging Project (commissioned work) – done!
  • USS Saginaw, 1859, 1/8″ scale scratch project (for Vallejo Museum) – on hold
  • Yacht America, 1851, 3/16″ scale scratch project – slow development
  • 18th Century English Longboat, 1/4″ scale Model Shipways kit – done!
  • Kanrin Maru, 1856, 1/75 scale Woody Joe kit – on hold

In addition to what was completed above, there were a few other new items added and a couple more completed ship modeling related events.

  • Mary Taylor article published in Ships in Scale
  • Wrote and saw publication of a review of Woody Joe’s Kanrin Maru kit in Ships in Scale
  • Begun work on a review of Woody Joe’s Higaki Kaisen kit for Ships in Scale
  • Received 2 new ship model commissions, the Independence and HMS Victory


Now, turning to 2014, the year ahead potentially has a lot in store, HMS Victory and the Independence are longer term projects, and certainly Victory won’t be finished this year. I’m shooting for possibly end of 2015 for that. Independence may be done by the end of the year, but it’s not critical. What does need to be completed this year is the USS Saginaw, but I’ve made some recent breakthroughs, and I’m hoping that will give me back some momentum on the Saginaw.

My next article(s) is going to be on the Higaki Kaisen kit by Woody Joe. I’m planning to do a feature article on the build and possibly a quick kit review before that. Of course that means I’ll need to finish the model, but now that I’m back from the holiday hubbub, I’ve been able to get productive again and am past the half-way mark now. I’d like to get the feature article done by this Spring, but I’ll be happy if it’s done by Summer.

So, to sum up, here’s my ship modeling priority list for 2014:

  • Complete the Higaki Kaisen kit.
  • Write an article on building the Higaki Kaisen kit for Ships in Scale
  • Finish the 1/8″ scale USS Saginaw model
  • Finish the Colonial Schooner Independence
  • Finish the Yacht America
  • Get the hull done on HMS Victory

It’s a pretty full plate, but it’s just a plan. I’ll be lucky if I get half of these done. And, you never know what else may come along or how life decides to alter your plans. There are so many great projects to take on, but I think I’d have to live another 100 years to get to them all.

Here’s to wishing that we all have a healthy and happy 2014, and that we get all the ship modeling time we need!


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