Winter Doldrums

I’m sorry to say that while many ship modelers do more ship modeling in the cooler times of the year since it’s too cold to be outside, my ship modeling activities seem to be exactly the opposite, particularly this year.

I love the change in seasons, but this year the season is getting to me. I know, I shouldn’t complain – I live in California and it’s not THAT cold here. But it’s all relative. I’m accustomed to staying out of the garage in the Summer because it gets like an oven in there. So, I bring a lot of my work indoors and go out to the garage only to use bench tools. But, at least in the Summer, there is a time of day when it’s cool enough to work out there. In the Winter, the garage never warms up enough to be comfortable, even with the use of space heaters.

Worse is the fact that I pinched a nerve in my neck and shoulder last month and it’s taken a long time to heal. It used to wake me up several times at night and left me sleepy during the day. But, it’s feeling a lot better now and I’m able to sleep with only minor restlessness. Still not 100%, but much better and I’m not nearly so tired during the day.

Anyway, all this whining is basically my way of making excuses for slow ship modeling progress and few blog posts. Progress has been very slow, but it’s starting to pick up and I have done some technique development in the area of brass etching and such, and I’m feeling like I’ll be able to make some progress on the U.S.S. Saginaw again soon.

Last night was the South Bay Model Shipwrights holiday party and meeting and next Saturday is the Hyde Street Pier Model Shipwrights meeting and those get togethers are always motivating. So, it’s back to ship modeling and hopes for much progress before year’s end.

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