Daily Archives: November 6, 2013

Following My Woody Joe Kit

Several days ago, I placed my order with Zootoyz for Woody Joe’s Higaki Kaisen kit. I paid for the order using Paypal, which made the whole transaction very simple and the order with shipping came to about $305 including the express mail shipping. That by itself was about $37. I could have paid for a less expensive shipping method and paid about half that shipping cost, but I’m really anxious to get this kit, so I opted for the faster shipping.

It took a couple days for my order to get processed and shipped, partly due to the time differences, and partly due to an order modification I requested. You see, I originally thought I’d spring for the larger Wasen Sengokubune kit, but I kind of chickened out. That model is a 1:30-scale model of a type of vessel that I thought should be about the same as the Higaki Kaisen, but I’ll go into that more in a future post.

In any case, I was a little concerned that the larger, older kit might actually be less detailed, and I really wanted to learn about how these vessels were built. But, not only that, most of my online search for these kinds of boats kept turning up Higaki Kaisen boats, so that’s what I went for.


A Higaki Kaisen

Anyway, I received an email within 48 hours that my order had shipped and provided a tracking number, so I’ve been visiting the Japanese mail system tracking page to check up on it. Fortunately, the information is coming up in English. Yesterday, the order was in transit somewhere in Japan. But, this morning it looked as if my model kit was in the hands of U.S. Customs, hopefully treating it well. I checked again this evening and the status says “Departure from inward office of exchange”. I’m not sure what that means, but maybe it means it left customs and is back to the U.S.P.S.

So, will it be here tomorrow? Friday? I’m hopeful that I’ll have it by the weekend, but who knows what more rigors the package must go through before it gets to me. Stay tuned!

Update – Thursday, 11/7/13

The knock came on my door this morning and there was the mailman with my package from Zootoyz. Very exciting! Of course, I opened it up immediately, just to give it a quick look. First thing I noticed was the wafting aroma of Japanese Cedar – that wonderful scent! The box is compact, the artwork on it is very nice, and it’s packed with wood and parts. I see four half-sized sheets of plans and very well illustrated book of instructions.

I’ll start a review soon.