“Zdravstvujtye” to our Russian Visitors

Ship Modeling is truly an international hobby practiced by enthusiast around the world.

One of the nice things about have a blog site on a service like WordPress is that you get some statistical information about how people are finding your blog, how many visitors you’re getting each day, what’s the most popular topic people are reading, and things like that. No specifics on the individual visitors, but just general information to help determine what visitors are interested in and such.

One of the things that is also provided is information on what countries visitors are from. It’s surprising and kind of neat to see the diverse number of countries that people are reaching my  blog site from. Almost 2 dozen countries in the past week. And, you’d think the bulk of the visitors would be from the USA.

But, in the past few days, I’ve been getting the most visitors from the Russian Federation. I think this has much to do with the  content about Woody Joe kits. A Russian ship modeling site,  shipmodeling.ru, an online store I think, lists Woody Joe kits right alongside the traditional European kits and it seems that someone on their online forum found my blog and my Kanrin Maru kit review articles and mentioned it, linking to this blog site. So, I have this great increase in viewers all of a sudden.

So, to my fellow ship modelers in Russia, welcome! And to all visiting ship modelers from across the globe for that matter, including my own beloved USA, welcome! I hope you find something useful here, or at least something entertaining.

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