Mary Taylor Article – Final Update

This last week, I returned the edited proof of the final installment of Mary Taylor article I wrote for Seaways’ Ships in Scale.

I seem to have miscalculated the number of parts the article would be broken into. I even had to go back and re-check my own text to see if something had been cut. But, no, the article parts were simply larger chunks than I’d anticipated. So, this next issue will see the third and final installment.

I have to say that realizing this has left me feeling a bit sad. Yes, it’s great that the whole thing is now out there, but the ongoing process of having your work in print is really a great feeling. Now that I know it’s over, it’s left me kind of wondering what to do next.

It’s kind of motivated me to push ahead on a magazine version of the Woody Joe Kanrin Maru kit review. Also, I’ve been working on the Kanrin Maru build and I’d really like to write about it. But, I really want to be careful not to be building the model so I can write about it. When that happens, the quality of the build becomes somewhat secondary and I don’t want that to happen to my work. Still, I do like to write, so I think I just need to be careful about my builds.

In any case, July/August 2013 is the final article section. Now, you readers out there have it all together and, hopefully, someone will take what I wrote and run with it and build their own Mary Taylor model.

And, who knows, it was a fun project and I do have a BlueJacket Mary Taylor kit sitting on the shelf. Maybe I’ll build the kit with modifications. Well… no, I think I have enough projects in the works for now. I guess I’ll leave that to another modeler.

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