Need Something from Billing Boats USA? Go to Ages of Sail – Updated

People in the ship modeling community have recently been having problems getting responses from Billing Boats USA, which has been the distributor for the Billing Boats product line for… well, I’m not sure how long it’s been.

No matter. I just found out a couple days ago that Ages of Sail has now taken over distributorship of the Billing Boats line including their Hobby Craft line of tools. Sorry, I don’t know any details.

For more information, please contact Ages of Sail by email at, by phone at 510-889-6000 or visit their website at

Update 11-10-2013

Since I made this original post, Ages of Sail has fixed the Billing Boats USA website and are fulfilling orders through that site. It’s still handled by Ages of Sail staff, but the website is working as usual and you can order things through it as you always have.

I can tell you one thing – Ages of Sail’s warehouse is PACKED with Billing Boats kits and some excellent tools from the HobbyCraft line and would like to move some of it so they can walk around!


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