A Nice Event at the J Porter Shaw Library

Last night was my first public talk about ship modeling and it seemed to go very well. I’m certainly not an experienced public speaker, but the volunteers and staff at the Maritime Library made things really easy for me. With some where around 20 attendees, it was a much better turn out than I’d hoped for.

People seemed genuinely appreciative afterwards, so maybe it went okay. We’ll see. If I’m invited back to do it again in the future, then I can say that it must have gone pretty well.

Special thanks to Gina Bardi, Sara Diamond and Melani Van Petten and to the rest of the Library Staff and Volunteers and to the Friends of the Maritime Library for setting this up and supporting the event.

Also, I really appreciate the support from the fellow ship modelers who came to lend their support, particularly Bruno Rendon, Ed Van Der Porten and Bill Bunderson.

And, of course, a big “thank you” to all those who attended and gave up their evening to hear me talk about ship modeling.

If you, the reader, attended my talk (or even if you weren’t, for that matter) and are here looking for more information, check out the pages under the Resources menu of this blog to find local clubs, shops, Internet links, recommended books and more. Or please feel free to contact me directly.



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