Rigging the San Felipe

I’ve been working on this model since October and it was my last stated goal to finish up the work by April. Here is it, beginning of May, and I still have a ways to go. But, the work on fixing the cannons and other structural features is done. Also, the rigging is basically done.

Right now, my focus is on finishing up the two ships boats, which have turned into a project in themselves. I’ve decided to use the existing boats, which were very roughly made, and clean them up and rebuild them. Because of the roughness of the construction and prior paint job, I have to paint them and I’ve been experimenting with colors that will be authentic and match the look of the model, even if the original boats of this time would have not have been painted.


Meanwhile, I’m doing one last trim of the yards, adjusting their alignments to make sure they look nice. And, as I go, I’m hanging rope coils on the belaying pins. For this, I made a little fixture to wrap coils of line and a hold them in place with they are brushed with a thin wash of white glue and left to dry.




I’ve been keeping the owner posted with regular updates and photos and he seems very excited about the model. I know he’s anxious to get it, but he also seems pretty anxious for me to show it off. So, I may end up taking it to a ship model meeting or two.

Now, if I can only find a way to transport something this big…

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