Mary Taylor Article in Print

Last week, I was pleasantly surprised to get a copy Seaways’ Ships in Scale magazine along with a check for payment for the first part of the Mary Taylor article. This first part of the article is mostly about researching the build, so there isn’t much in the way of model construction photos this time. Instead the publishers used some available pilot boat art. But they also used a broadside photo that I took recently and sent them.

Cover M-A 13-1

The next article coming out in a couple months should be of more immediate interest to ship modelers since it involves actual construction of the model. I’m figuring there should be about 5 parts total to the article. So, my work will be in print for a while to come yet.

I’ve since contacted the editors about writing up an article on the Japanese screw steamer Kanrin Maru, 1856, which accompanied Japan’s first embassy to the US in 1860. To make it more interesting, this model is based on a kit from the Japanese wooden kit manufacturer Woody Joe. It will be a little while before I get to work on that.

More projects…


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