Projects for the New Year

It’s a new year and it starts with several developments having taken place since the start of 2012. First is the completion and acceptance of my first ship modeling article. This should appear in Ships in Scale magazine some time this year. Second is my first project commission which is to rig a large model of the Spanish 3-decker warship San Felipe, a 1/75 scale kit by Mantua Models. Third is a tentative agreement to put a model of the paddlewheel gunboat USS Saginaw on display at the Vallejo Naval and Historical Museum. More on these developments later.

Here’s a list of the ship modeling projects that are my priorities for 2013. Most of these are in some stage of completion. These are listed roughly in order of priority.

  • San Felipe Rigging Project (commissioned work)
  • USS Saginaw, 1859, 1/8″ scale scratch project (for Vallejo Museum)
  • Yacht America, 1851, 3/16″ scale scratch project
  • 18th Century English Longboat, 1/4″ scale Model Shipways kit
  • Kanrin Maru, 1856, 1/75 scale Woody Joe kit

There are other projects in the works, but I haven’t decided which are priorities for this year and it is unlikely that any of these will be completed before year’s end. They are in various stages of planning or completion and include the following.

  • USS Washington, 1837, 1/8″ scale scratch project
  • Lynx, War of 1812 Baltimore Clipper, 1/8″ scale scratch diorama
  • Pilot Boat Dancing Feather, 1853, 1/4″ scale scratch project
  • USS Saginaw, 1859, 3/16″ scale scratch project
  • HMS Victory, 1/8″ scale Corel kit
  • USS Vixen, 1/4″ scale scratch project
  • Hannah, 1/4″ scale scratch project based on Hahn plans
  • Rattlesnake, 1/4″ scale scratch project based on Hahn plans

DSC00643 DSC00556 DSC00630


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